FAL Holding, the major shareholder of INDIPCO, has been a key player in Saudi Arabia’s rapid
1970’s. FAL Holding has grown into an international group of companies
Middle East, Europe & North America with an annual revenue exceeding U$ 600 millions
4,000 employees. FAL Holding is engaged in a diverse range of
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to the expansion of its own activities,
FAL Holding provides reliable sponsorship and business development capabilities
Saudi Arabia
The major activities held by FAL Holding
HealthcareEngineering and ConstructionTelecommunications, IT and Process Management
Finance & BankingHeavy IndustriesHotel, Resort, Travel
Real EstateAgricultureFood Processing
Education SystemAviationManufacturing



INDIPCO (International Ductile Iron Pipes Co. Ltd.) is an Associate Member of FAL group. The manufacturing plant was established in 2009 and is located within the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu - Jubail Industrial City. INDIPCO is one of world’s leading manufacturers and exporter of Ductile Iron Pipes ranging from DN 100 to DN 2200, which are used in the potable and irrigation water networks, sewerage networks, fire fighting system, and gas pipelines. INDIPCO has developed the plant with the latest state of the art equipment procured from best countries. It is still improving and developing its products, equipments and systems to give convenience to our customers. The Company provides high quality pipelines and excellent services in dealing with its clients. All our products comply or exceed European (BS EN 545), International (ISO2531) and Saudi Arabia (SASO 1014 GS 766) standards and with the plant production capacity of 200,000 tons per year to satisfy its costumer. INDIPCO strictly implement the said standards to produce satisfying and Quality products.


Iron was known to man in prehistoric ages, and there are many evidence of its use in early history. The earliest authentic date of the casting of iron on a major scale in Western Europe was 1313 with the manufacture of cast iron cannons in the City of Ghent, Germany. There is no documentation of the time or place of the adoption of cast iron for use in pipe making, but it is reasonable to assume that cast iron pipe was produce coincidentally with the similar casting of the cannon. The most significant event in recent pipe history was development of ductile iron in 1948. In a period of time that the ductile iron pipe, gained widespread acceptance. The specification of ductile iron increased to where all iron piping installations for the past several years has been using ductile and gray iron pressure pipe no longer manufactured. Improvements in casting methods, processing, and metallurgical technology are continuously producing superior quality pipe, capable of satisfying the specific piping needs of the 20th century and beyond.

Team Members

Fahad M. Al-Athel

President & Chairman of the Board